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Skilled Nursing or Sub-Acute Rehab?

Skilled nursing, sub-acute rehab, and nursing home are phrases that tend to be used interchangeably. Is there a difference? At Lorien Health Services, there is. The preconceived notions that a nursing home is a place where one resides and is forgotten, is not accurate for our communities. Many of our residents stay for a short time while they recover from illness or injury. Our therapy teams work diligently to get sub-acute rehab patients back to their daily lives, whether they are returning to assisted living communities or getting them back home.

After a medical event that results in hospitalization, it may not be possible for the patient to return to their regular activities of daily life. At any age, injuries and illness occur and may put you or a loved one in a situation that requires help with every day activities until you or a loved one is able to return home. A medical team may recommend sub-acute rehabilitation to regain lost mobility and build strength.

Our communities offer 24/7 nursing care. A skilled nursing facility can aid a patient in post-surgical care, IV and PICC line management, wound care, and nutritional therapy, etc. Additionally, Lorien's rehabilitation team includes speech, physical, and occupational therapists that help residents regain or strengthen any diminished abilities due to illness, injury, or age. Moreover, skilled nursing facilities may offer end of life care in partnership with community based hospice programs. There may also be long term care units in conjunction with skilled nursing for those who are unable to return home and need an extra level of care.

Lorien Health Services can provide sub-acute rehab or skilled nursing needs at nine of our ten locations. At this time four of these locations are five-star facilities, rated by Five of our communities have been categorized as the best nursing homes for 2018-2019 by US News. Many of our facilities are credited with reviews of their loved one being ahead of their recovery schedule, and note how comfortable they are in their temporary home.

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