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Lorien Bel Air Testimonial 2

Dear Ed,

We wanted to write you to let you know of two people working at Lorien who were a great support, help and friend to our mother while she was at Lorien. There were others as well, of course, but none that stood out to us as much as these two. Not only were they great with our mother, but also very helpful, compassionate and it seemed to us went the “extra mile” in their daily duties. They are Cara Coley and Jessica. Jessica was only working part-time on the 3 rd floor during our mother's 3-1/2 month stay up there, but she was working in the assisted living floors when our mother arrived in April of 2017, until she went up to the 3 rd floor to work, sometime in early 2018. They were both extra friendly and helpful and took great are with our mother, talking with her and assisting her, and helping us with different questions we may have had when we visited. Just wanted to bring these two employees to your attention and let you know how much we appreciated them during our time there.

We'd also like to mention Nicki, who was very helpful and good with my mom on several occasions. One in particular time was when she was just arriving on her 3 p.m. shift and mom was starting to fall out of the chair and was very anxious, and as I came out to get help no one was around and Nicki came running with her coat still on and helped put her fully back in the chair, talked to he and calmed her down somewhat.

We wanted to mention two others in housekeeping who were very helpful and friendly to mother and us and did a wonderful job in the way of housekeeping. They are: Laura and Viola.


Barbara Licato & Betty Lange

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