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Lorien Health Testimonial 1

I would like to express my heart felt appreciation to all employees at Lorien Elkridge. You have a very special work environment that I hope you all cherish as your careers will change over time and so will the work environments.

Everyone has been so friendly with beautiful glowing smiles from those cleaning floors, to nurses' aides, kitchen, laundry and maintenance engineers, nurses and doctors, administration, therapist and any other position I have seen and let me not forget those dedicated night shift staff which I rarely saw.

Your jobs are not always pleasant at times with sights, smells and seeing reaction to pain but you do them anyway. You are special people!!!!

It's fantastic to walk the halls and hear folks say this is a great place to work and it's because of the contributions each of you provide to each other and to patients and their family members.

It's great to see coworkers' wave both arms saying hi to a coworker 100 ft down the hallway.

You have the interest of the patient in your heart and I know God sees and has a deep appreciation for the special care you give to each patient as they struggle through a difficult chapter in their life. You are touching the hearts of thousands of people over time.

You are awesome!!!!


With much gratitude and appreciation

Tom Taylor

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Lorien Health Services is constantly moving forward by seeking out, and adapting to, the ever-changing trends in healthcare technology as a means to maximize the quality of life for the people we serve.

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