Lorien Elkridge Visitation Policy

Updated 7.6.21

We are very excited to be able to feel that we are safely lifting some visiting restrictions and getting back to seeing all of you in here. Please take the time to read all of this carefully. There are four categories that are listed below in bold.

For all combinations of vaccination statuses for residents and guest, there is no age limit and anyone can come in as long as they can adhere to the below rules.  


Unvaccinated Resident outside of 14-day Observation period or Unvaccinated Visitor: No Changes at this time.

  • The visits must be scheduled and are limited to 20 minutes with strong supervision.
  • There are two indoor areas for visitation and one outdoor area, but only two visitations can happen at a time.
    • The indoor setups will be in the lobby area near the aquariums.
    • The outdoor setup is to the left of our main entrance and will have shade provided.
  • There are two guests allowed per resident.
  • All parties must be masked at all times.
  • All parties should remain distanced throughout the stay but are allowed one embrace per visitor with the resident.
  • You will receive a badge noting you are a visitor, please make sure it is visible.
  • The designated bathroom is the Lobby level bathroom down the new Assisted Living hallway.


Unvaccinated Resident within the 14-day Observation period or a Person Under Investigation (PUI): No Change at this time.

  • No visits allowed until out of observation


Vaccinated Resident and Vaccinated Visitor: Big changes! Monday through Friday, open visitation from 10 am until 6pm. **Weekend visits remain the same and need to be scheduled.** We must stress that you must be leaving at 6 pm. If you are showing up at 5:45 pm, please be prepared to leave quickly. **

This is a new concept for us so it will have some minor changes, but we are very excited to get it going so we are going to jump in.

We will have 16 areas set up that people will be able to go to with the resident and have a visit with no limit on the end except the 6 pm time. There are four outdoor setups which include shade and 12 indoor setups. These are going to be designated visitor-only areas and not areas for staff. All areas except those that are outdoors should not have residents at them either. There is a possibility that our residents will be outside enjoying the outdoor visiting areas and we ask that you understand that the space outside may be limited.

These areas will have two or three chairs and a full table or a side table for you to put items on. The areas will be spread out enough that you should feel comfortable taking your mask off if you so desire and it will have hand sanitizer available. The areas are set up for a maximum of one resident and two visitors.

When entering the building, we will need you to check in as usual. We will then need you to let us know if you are planning on an indoor or outdoor visit. We will keep a tab on the available areas similar to the way a restaurant keeps tabs on its open tables. If you decide that you want to change the location of your visit during your visit, we ask that you stop by the front desk and check in to make sure there is available space and that we are aware.

We also ask that when you are checking in, you get an extra mask for your loved one. The units have masks and your loved one may already have one, but this will help make the process smoother. If your loved one already has one, you can just leave it in their room for future use.

When you check-in, we will need to confirm if you are vaccinated. If we are unable to confirm you are vaccinated, we have to assume that you are not and you will likely be unable to visit. Once you are confirmed to have been vaccinated, you will receive a green badge noting that you are a vaccinated visitor. This will allow staff to properly identify that those without masks in the visiting areas are there per our protocol. Please make sure it is clearly visible.

Either one or both visitors will be allowed to move freely through the facility and into your loved one’s room. A mask will be required at all times when in the hallways and resident room. We insist that you stay in the resident rooms no longer than five minutes and we insist that you stay on your loved one’s side of the room at all times. When your loved one is ready, you will escort them to the designated visiting area. If you need assistance escorting to and from the visiting areas, we will happily assist you.

If your loved one is nowhere near ready, we ask that you alert the staff and then find yourself a visiting area to wait. If we find this to be an issue we will do our best to figure out how to remedy this. If you are coming closer to 10 am, please expect this may be the case.

There will be certain areas designated for food. The outdoor areas will welcome food as well as the 3rd floor in our new Assisted Living. There is a large room up there that will house three visiting locations and will be set up well for a little meal.

Vaccinated visitors will be allowed to use any bathroom in the facility.

Please communicate with your other family members to make sure they are not already here with your loved one and you may not be able to visit.


Vaccinated Resident and Vaccinated Visitors in Private Rooms:

All of the above applies except that you could have your visit in the residents’ rooms if you so desire. If you would like to get out of the room and to a designated visiting area, you are welcomed to do so. We just ask that you check-in with our front desk so they know which area you are going so they can mark it accordingly.

If employees enter the room, we ask that you put your mask on if possible. It is not absolutely required and would result in conversation, but we would appreciate the courtesy

In conclusion, we will try this for two weeks with the Monday through Friday, and then re-evaluate if we will change this to seven days of the week. We will re-evaluate on July 21st.



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