Lorien Health was founded in 1977 by Mary and Nicholas Mangione, Sr., a successful businessman with a strong sense of pride, dignity, and work ethic. Our long-term goal is to help seniors heal, rehabilitate, and maximize their quality of life, either in our facilities or in their own homes. Today, our Chief Executive Officer is Lou Grimmel, who is committed to maintaining Mr. Mangione's vision of always putting the patient first and keeping his good family name.

Our Mission:

Lorien Health Services is a family-owned and operated organization that was founded by and conducts itself based on strong family values.  Those values extend to our residents, their family members, and our dedicated employees. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the people we touch by providing, patient-centered care utilizing the latest in healthcare technology that results in the finest outcomes for our residents. Lorien Health Services was founded in 1977 by the same family that continues to lead the company today. Their mission and vision remains today as it did then.

Our Vision:
Lorien Health Services is constantly moving forward by seeking out, and adapting to, the ever-changing trends in healthcare technology as a means to maximize the quality of life for the people we serve. 

Lou Grimmel, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Brannock

Chief Operating Officer

Norman Snowberger

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Hummer, LNHA, MHSA

VP of Home and Community Based Services

Susan Carroll, RN, CNE, CM/DN

VP of Clinical Services

Dr. Yolunda Dockett, OTD, MOTR/L, RAC-CT, CHC

Corporate Compliance Officer